2020 Paint Trends are BIG on BLUE!

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Color of the Year

Sky & Sea have captured the imagination of designers this year with Blue emerging as the color of choice for 2020.  Pantone and Sherwin-Williams both chose medium to dark blues as their color of the year. "On the horizon between ocean and evening sky rests a color of infinite calmness. Come navigate this brave blue world and find a place to hang your stars," says Sherwin-Williams about Naval SW 6244. Other colors bestowed with Color of the Year honors include a dusty pink, muted green, and a dark gold.  Blues, however, are expected to dominate this year and we should expect a variety of shades!  


So Many Blues!


Pantone & Benjamin Moore Palettes 

We can expect to see all shades of blues in home design this year.  From bedding and curtains to towels and wall art, blues will abound.  Greens and pinks may make a run for our attention, but blues are filling the shelves of our favorite department stores even as I type!  

Bringing Color Home

Naval by Sherwin-Williams

Dark wall colors are not always the best choice for walls.  First of all, you need a fairly large room with a lot of light so the dark walls don't create a cave-like feel.  High ceilings painted white can help, but perhaps the best answer is to save the dark colors for accents like furniture, throw pillows, and curtains!  

Plan to Sell?

Absolute Zero by Behr

If you plan to sell any time soon, then neutral walls like white, beige, and gray will appeal to more buyers and get your home sold faster!  As a compromise between design and wider appeal, we recently used Absolute Zero by Behr on a home flipping project.  We’ve been very pleased with the results. It has a hint of blue, but it is neutral enough to work with any design.  In dim light, it looks more like a standard light gray, but in bright light, it has a tranquil, pale-blue glow.

Whatever colors you choose, we hope you enjoy your freshly painted walls until the tides change and a new color drifts into your imagination!