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Living and working in Johnson County has never looked better!

City life is not for everyone, which makes commuting to your job in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex a necessity for many current and future North Texas residents.  With hundreds of new jobs on the horizon and growing housing costs in the cities, more folks are turning to Johnson County.  The cheaper homes and lower crime rates are hard to beat, but add a commute time of a mere 5 to 45 minutes and it really starts to make sense. 

Median rent in Johnson County, Texas is $1,500 per month.  Median home value is $205,900.  Check out our overview of seven Johnson County towns and decide if Alvarado, Burleson, Cleburne, Godley, Grandview, Joshua, or Keene could be right for you and your family. 




imagesThings are looking mighty promising in Alvarado, both for living and for working!  The median home price is sitting at an affordable $169,700, and the median rent is only $1,350.  The population of 4,124 residents makes for a comfortable, quiet, small-town experience.  Thanks to sitting right next to I-35W, the commute times are quite short, allowing you to reach Fort Worth in just 30 minutes.  Best of all, the projected job growth in Alvarado for the next 10 years sits at a whopping 40.2%.  Keep your eye on Alvarado folks!  Between its ideal locations near 1-35W, huge job growth projections, and affordable living, it’s definitely one of the best prospects for up and coming towns in Johnson County.




DocumentOften referred to as a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, booming business (and real estate) is giving Burleson a name of its own.  Rent is high in Burleson, at a median of $1,575 per month, but median home values are sitting at a solid $235,000 with projections indicating more and more growth in the coming years.  A rising population is making the demand for these homes higher and higher.  Ranked the best place to live in Johnson County by, Burleson certainly comes through on providing that modern, suburban experience. 


Burleson’s 46,145 residents enjoy a lot of community benefits.  The BISD is in the top 15% of Texas School Districts.  The projected job growth for the next 10 years sits at a massive 43%.  A huge array of stores, restaurants, and parks add significantly to the quality of life.  And the commute times are phenomenally low, allowing commuters to travel from Burleson to Fort Worth in a mere 20 minutes or less. With so much opportunity in real estate, business, school, and living, Burleson is easily one of Johnson County’s hottest places to live.




DocumentSitting at the heart of Johnson County, Cleburne is one of the oldest and greatest towns in North Texas.  The median home price in Cleburne is an affordable $161,000 and the median rent is only $1,200 per month. If you’re looking for a town that’s not too big and not too small, then Cleburne, with its moderate population of around 30,230, is perfect for you.  Thanks to its central location in the region, there’s not a single city, town, or hamlet in Johnson County that you can’t reach in 30 minutes or less when traveling from Cleburne.  For outdoor enthusiasts, Cleburne has a lot to offer. Splash Station, lovely city parks, two lakes, and a State Park complete with trails and campgrounds provide great escapes from the modern world on any day of the week.

A city with a rich cultural heritage, Cleburne was founded in 1867.   As the county seat of Johnson County, it has been a stalwart fortress of civilization since the days of the Old West, and its history’s depth is matched only by the diversity and charm of its citizens. If you’re looking for a home in a town with affordable living, rich history, diverse people, and the charm of a bygone age, then look no further than Cleburne.




2Wh8eiYfIn the northwest region of Johnson County, we find the humble town of Godley.  Far from the hustle and bustle of the metroplex and with a population of 1,131, Godley combines the convenience of suburbia with the quiet appeal of small-town living.  Median monthly rent is running a close second to Burleson at $1,550 and median home prices are $319,000.  While it’s a fair distance from most other towns, it’s not so far that they’re out of reach, with Cleburne, Joshua, and Burleson all being accessible in 30 minutes or less.  Godley is quite the appealing spot for anglers, as not only is it closer to Lake Granbury than any other town in Johnson County, it’s equally close to Lake Pat Cleburne and Benbrook Lake.  Thanks to its small-town status, the crime rate in Godley is noticeably below the national average.  Some crimes, like theft, occur 10 times less often than in bigger towns like Burleson, and there hasn’t been a murder officially attributed to Godley in over 15 years.  Needless to say, for anyone looking for quiet, safe suburban living, Godley may just be the place for you.




downloadIn the southeast corner of Johnson County, we find the positively GRAND town of Grandview.  Sitting over 37 miles south of Fort Worth, Grandview grants citizens a comfortable sense of distance from the crowded and crazy cities.  That said, thanks to it being conveniently seated right next to I35-W, those cities are never out of reach.  Fort Worth AND Waxahachie are both reachable in a mere 35 minutes.

With a population of only 1,706, this community is surprisingly robust with property values quickly growing as a result of its top-rated schools.  Current median home values sit at $220,000 although the median rent is still an affordable $1,200 per month.  Considered by many to be the best in all of Johnson County, Grandview ISD is in the top 10% of Texas School Districts, with 95% of students graduating.

If affordable living and great schools weren’t enough, Grandview also has some of the most gorgeous lands in North Texas.  Rolling hills, sparse woods, and lush flatlands make for quite the scenic view during those long Sunday drives.  If you’re seeking affordable homes, high caliber schools, and gorgeous landscapes, then this little slice of heaven called Grandview might just be what you need.




cityofjoshuajpgBack in the northern portion of Johnson County, and also commonly referred to as a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, we find the well-balanced town of Joshua.  Resting south of bustling Burleson and north of historic Cleburne, Joshua combines the best of both worlds in many regards, bringing in the convenience of suburbia without sacrificing that small-town appeal with a population of only 7,778.  Joshua is made all the more appealing by the incredibly low median rent price of $1,150 per month.  Current home values in the area sit around $169,000.  Thanks to being so close to the metroplex these home values are almost certain to climb in the coming years, leading many to invest in Joshua real estate. 

You can reach Fort Worth from Joshua in a mere 30 minutes, and yet the distance is enough to maintain quite a low crime rate.  In fact, when ranked by level of safety, the Joshua ISD is in the top 10% of all Texas School Districts.  Between the strong home values, convenient location, and low crime rate, Joshua brings together a unique blend of suburban satisfaction and small-town simplicity.  If that blend is what you’re looking for, then buying a home in Joshua may be the perfect plan for you.




keeneResting in-between Cleburne and Alvarado lies the quiet, charming town of Keene. With a median home price of $167,750 and a median rent of only $995 per month, Keene is very affordable.  Where the town truly shines is in its gorgeous landscapes.  Multiple large and well-managed parks can be found in Keene, complete with playgrounds, gazebos, and pristine duck ponds.  If sheer beauty wasn’t enough, the educational institutions in Keene are nothing to sneeze at.  The Keene ISD is actually considered to be in the top 9% of safest schools in Texas, and in terms of higher education, Keene is home to Southwestern Adventist University.  Throw in the relatively small population of 6,266, and Keene manages to truly bring together every conceivable benefit of small-town living.  If you like affordable homes, beautiful parks, safe schools, local access to higher education, AND the charm of a small Texas town, then Keene is absolutely the place for you.

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