Steps in the Home Selling Process

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If this is your first time to sell or if it has been a while, then you might be a little hazy on the details involved in the home selling process.  While this list is not exhaustive, it is a very good overview of the steps you can expect when selling your home.

  Meet With Your Agent: 

At your listing consultation, we will provide you with all the information you need to determine your home’s market value.  We will also make sure you are up to speed on your local market conditions so that you can determine whether now is a good time to sell.

   Set Your Listing Price: 

We will help you come up with a smart pricing strategy that will earn you top dollar in the least time possible.

  Determine Needed Staging or Repairs: 

Sometimes repairs or updates are needed in order to bring top dollar.  Most homes, however, only need to be decluttered and cleaned.  We can advise you on this and other staging advice that can help you present the home in the best light possible. 

  Schedule Photos:

We use the best photographers to bring you the best possible marketing.  After your listing agreement is signed, we will schedule a professional photo shoot of your property.

  Begin Marketing & Showings:

Our showing service will provide access to buyer agents so that they can show your home.  We can set the showing schedule according to your needs.

  Review Offers: 

We will review all offers with you and help you understand the contract details as well as the bottom dollar.


We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

  Accepted Offer: 

When an offer meets your needs, you will sign the contract, which will then be binding.

  Option Period & Repair Requests: 

The buyers normally request 5-10 days of option period in order to inspect the home.  Many will want to negotiate repairs or repair allowances once their inspection report is received.

  Title Work: 

The title company will begin the title work necessary for the transfer of the property on closing day. 

  Lender Appraisal: 

Most buyers are taking out a mortgage.  Most mortgage companies require an appraisal to make certain the property is worth the amount they are lending.

  Title Company Schedules Closing: 

Once the title work is complete and the mortgage is processed, the title company will confirm your closing day and time.

  Final Buyer Walkthrough: 

3-5 days before closing, buyers typically request a final walkthrough to verify that negotiated repairs are complete or that the property is still in the same condition as when they made the offer.  It is best to have all or most of your personal belongings removed by this date.


On closing day, you will bring all your keys and your garage remotes to the title company.  Your closing details will be reviewed and we will all sign the final documents.

  Buyer Takes Possession: 

Once both parties have been to the closing table and the mortgage company funds the transaction, the title company or agent will hand the keys over to the new owners.


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